We know. You have so many more things you’d rather discuss, but menopause is something we need to talk about. Sixty-four million women in the United States are currently in menopause. Statistics aside, the one that matters most, is YOU. On average a woman will spend a third of her life in menopause, yet few of us are talking about this. We “overshare” a lot of things, but on the one topic that will affect each of us—we remain silent.

So, let’s talk menopause. Let’s talk about what it feels like emotionally and physically. Let’s talk about the positive parts of menopause (no more period!!!) and the less positive (hot flashes). Let’s talk about what to expect. Let’s talk about how to get what we need from our health care providers and how to help our partners understand. Let’s just talk.

Because, by talking about menopause, we put all the outdated perceptions and stigmas in their place. By talking about it, we can learn what to expect and how to manage the less comfortable symptoms. By talking about it, we take menopause out of the shadows and begin to treat it as just another new chapter that we are empowered to address in ways that are individual and comfortable to each of us.

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