Battle of the Meno-pot!

Has this ever happened to you? You pull out a pair of jeans that you’ve worn a number of times, but you haven’t worn in a while, and for some reason this time you can’t seem to button them up. What the heck?! Did they shrink?!

Working out with Personal Trainer, Karen Dennis

Most women over 50 will quickly find that menopause and weight gain are linked. It is not uncommon to put on weight during this time. According to a study published in the Seminars in Reproductive Medicine Journal, a woman can gain one extra pound a year in the menopause transition.[1] Yes, some of this may be due to lifestyle changes, but that does not explain why we suddenly develop a tendency to put on weight especially around the abdomen. Menopause alone has enough challenges without having to add a “meno-pot” belly!

The meno-pot is not caused by lack of physical exercise. As I understand, it is generally caused by lower levels of the female hormone estrogen being produced which influences how much fat our body stores.[2]

The good news is that there are some things we can do if we want to avoid or at the very least manage mid-life weight gain. Warning: Consult with your doctor before starting any exercise program, or before you start making changes to avoid weight gain during menopause.

Making wise food choices

What I’m doing to combat the meno-pot:

  • Drinking more water: aiming for 60-80 oz per day
  • Getting more sleep: between 6-8 hrs per night
  • Making wise food choices: Eating foods that are nutritionally healthy, low fat with plenty of fiber, very little to no processed food, and lots of fruit and vegetables
  • Avoiding or reducing added sugar
  • Regular exercise: 20-30 minutes of High-intensity interval training (HIIT), walking or running on the treadmill and outside when the weather permits, rowing or cycling
  • Working with a physical trainer 3-4x per week using weights and body weight to build muscle strength and improve posture and balance
  • Reducing stress: making time for daily prayer, meditation, relaxation, and fun
  • Using my clothes as a gauge instead of just the scale. Also wearing looser fitting clothes to camouflage the “meno-pot”
  • Loving myself and accepting who I am at every stage of my life

Hopefully, the above tips can also help improve your health, manage or avoid weight gain during menopause.

Reposted from NaturalSilverSista by Mildred Bean. All opinions expressed in this post are her own.

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[1] Polotsky, Hanah, and Alex Polotsky. “Metabolic Implications of Menopause.” Seminars in Reproductive Medicine, vol. 28, no. 05, 2010, pp. 426–434., doi:10.1055/s-0030-1262902.

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